Generally, taking a tincture 2-4 times a day is a good rule of thumb, but everyone’s body chemistry is unique and it can also depend on what you are taking it for and what works best for you.  For daytime chronic conditions, we suggest starting with small doses taken with meals (preferably meals with fat content) throughout the day because tinctures tend to last 2-6 hours in your body, depending on your metabolism.  If you are using the tinctures for help at night, another dose can be taken before bed.  A trick to help the tincture last longer throughout the whole night is to take some tincture sublingually before bed and also take a capsule filled with tincture at the same time.  The capsule will take longer to go into effect because it isn’t released until your stomach digests the capsule.  This way, you will get relief for longer through a full night’s sleep.   Empty capsules to fill can be purchased at some health food stores or online (Amazon for example).  You can simply drop the tincture right into half the empty capsule and place the empty half on top and push together.